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Teeth Whitening Greenville

greenville teeth whitening

Get the smile of your dreams with teeth whitening.

If you’d like to trade dingy, stained teeth for a megawatt, red carpet smile, we can help! At Choice One Dental Care of Greenville we offer take-home customized whitening trays to give you a gleaming smile.

The process is simple. We take impressions and then make custom trays.  You’ll return a few days later to get your trays and whitening material. We recommend that you whiten for about a week then use extra whitening gel for monthly touchups.

Please note that the whitening material can cause some sensitivity. If that happens, simply stop using it.

Enhance your smile with a take-home whitening option! Contact us today for more information.


Teeth Whitening Greenville SC

Choice One Dental Care of Greenville